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About our beer

Urban Eateries, and Padstow have proudly worked with WEST brewery in UK since 2015.

When setting up Padstow's sister restaurant, Shoreditch, we decided it essential that we served a top quality British lager. We are believers that beer should only contain four ingredients, water, hops, malt and yeast, so we went in search of a brewery that could provide us with a truly sessionable artisan beer that did not contain any additives, preservatives or chemicals.

This search lead us to WEST Brewery and their flagship beer St Mungo, which we absolutely believe to be the best lager on sale in Hong Kong.

WEST Brewery is the only brewery in the UK to produce all of its lagers and wheat beers in accordance with the German Purity Law of 1516.

Since 2015, we have exclusively imported WEST Beers to Hong Kong for use in all our restaurants, and from our initial single offering of St Mungo Lager, expanded our range to include Heidi Weisse, and other guest beers from WEST.


These beers are so good, that not only do we use them for drinking, but they also feature in many of our menu items too.

St Mungo is used in the batter for our fish and chips, Heidi Weisse in our mussels, and WEST Black in our steak and stout pies.

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